Briony Rose Fairy is born different to the other fairies – her wings don’t work! Afraid that other fairies won’t want to play with her, she hides away. But one day, Briony discovers she has an incredible talent – she can sing! 

...Can this newfound talent help Briony to overcome her fears? 

Will Briony ever realise that she was born to stand out and not to fit in?

This magical story is sure to capture the hearts of both children and adults. Children will fall in love with the vibrant and enchanting illustrations and parents and care givers will find the rhyming verse a joy to read aloud.

If you are looking for an empowering picture book about self-belief, with a focus on ability rather than disability and a book with a strong and courageous female protagonist, then look no further! A cover can be deceptive. The Fairy who Sings is not your typical fairy story. 

This powerful story is already proving to be popular amongst educators, parents and mental health practitioners.  The book has the ability to open up conversations about differences, self-esteem, anxiety, bullying and friendship, whilst at the same time captivating young minds with the fun rhyme and beautiful illustrations that are present throughout this impressive picture book. 

Finding the Magic The Fairy who Sings


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