Young readers will find a vast amount of information in this book, made engrossing and accessible by the question and answer format and the lavish use of realistic illustration.

The encyclopedia delves into the fields of astronomy, science, natural history, botany, and human biology. These subjects are excitingly explored through answers to questions such as:

- Why do people live underground? 
- How did the Earth begin? 
- Why did the Romans spend so long in the bath? 
- Why does a rattlesnake rattle? 
- Why is your blood red? 
- How does a Venus fly-trap catch its prey? 
- Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? 
- What is DNA?

You'll find the answers to these and more than 1,000 other intriguing questions inside this superbly illustrated book.

Very good condition 

Giant Book of Questions and Answers

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