Having Autism can sometimes make school life challenging. Loud noises can hurt a child’s ears as the volume can be turned up much louder in their ears. If a child gets upset, lining toys up or building towers can help calm them down. Looking at pictures instead of words can help with understanding the timetable better. Some foods can hurt their tummy so special foods are packed in their lunch box. If they do not speak to you it is not because they don’t want to be your friend, they may struggle with words or prefer playing alone. Their skin can be extra sensitive so sand sticking to their hands or labels in their clothes can make them feel extra uncomfortable and itchy. It is important for us to be kind to each other every day and understand that we are all different and sometimes need an extra helping hand from our friends. Thank you for being a good friend and for being Autism Aware and showing that you care.

Learning About Autism with Suzie and Cruzie

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