IN LITTLE BEAR AND THE JOLLY DRAGON, the other toys come across a fearsome dragon sleeping in a den under the chair - and worse -it is wearing Little Bear's trousers! Could it REALLY have eaten Little Bear but perhaps this small dragon isn't quite as fierce as it seems? In the PANTOMIME, the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears inspires the toys to put on an impromptu show. Little Bear is anxious to play ALL the porridge-eating parts but finally settles for the role of Baby Bear. In THE BOAT RACE the toys are playing in the garden when it seems like a good idea to have a boat race on the stream. They buid their own boats and set off, but things don't go exactly to plan when Little Bear's boat gets caught in a gust of wind. Finally, THE BIRTHDAY CAMP - one of the most magical Old Bear Stories ever. Little Bear is given a tent for his birthday and is allowed to sleep outside in the garden with Rabbit. here are four wonderful Old Bear stories full of all the fun, adventure and magic that has made Jane Hissey one of the world's best-loved story-tellers.

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Little Bear’s Dragon

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