This beautiful gift box holds five picture-books-the complete collection of the bestselling Little Bear Stories by award-winners Martin Waddell and illustrated by Barbara Firth. First published in 2006 by Walker Books, this boxset is from Reader's Digest. It includes the five books: Sleep Tight, Little Bear; Well Done, Little Bear; You and Me, Little Bear; Let's Go Home, Little Bear; and Can't You Sleep, Little Bear. Stories: "Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?" is a great read for bedtime with Little Bear having trouble sleeping - the fact that the Bear Cave is dark is the problem. Big Bear gets out lots of different lanterns to help, but even the largest one doesn't banish the dark from the cave. Big Bear has an idea that might solve the problem; and if Little Bear can get to sleep, he might just finish his book... . "Let's Go Home, Little Bear" finds Little Bear scared because there are lots of spooky noises in the woods. Luckily, Big Bear can explain where all these are coming from. "You and Me, Little Bear" is about when Little Bear is bored. Big Bear is busy cleaning and tidying the Bear Cave, but will Big Bear ever finish his chores and play with Little Bear? "Well Done, Little Bear" sees Little Bear thoroughly enjoying himself exploring, climbing branches and hopping on rocks. But Big Bear is always close by should anything happen -SPLASH!. "Sleep Tight, Little Bear" is a lovely little story about Little Bear making his own little cave in the rocks above Big Bear's cave. He wants to have a space all of his own, but when it comes to night time, both bears miss each other's company and Little Bear is worried-Will Big Bear be lonely without him?

Good condition 

Little Bear Stories The Complete Five Book Collections

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