My Nature Log Book is a guided journal developed for kids who love nature and adventures. Designed as a field journal, this book guides kids through using all their senses to experience nature. And through all 4 seasons.

This journal is filled with over 100 pages of prompts and fun activities that will spark their imagination and will get kids excited for their next outdoor adventure:

Nature scavenger hunts for each of the four seasons, plus "design your own scavenger hunts".
The journal also includes an exclusive copy of The Nature Explorer's Scavenger Hunt Song, a wonderful nature poem that will remind kids of all the exciting things they can see, hear and touch in nature.
A fun assortment of two-page adventure spreads let children record their adventures and guide them through observing and experiencing nature with kid-friendly questions. Room for making notes on 40 adventures.
Activities that encourage kids to use their senses (look, listen, touch and smell) for clues and cues about what's going on in the natural world around them.
Plenty of room for drawings and doodles, and fun drawing activities, such as designing adventure badges.
Handy size for little hands that fits perfectly in backpacks.
Great for use with most art media and perfect for making collages and journaling.
By using this prompt journal, kids will develop a deeper appreciation for nature through improved observation skills and a better understanding of the natural world around them.

My Nature Log Book

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