The very popular cat from the animated Shrek film series comes vividly alive in this brand-new book. As the story begins, Peter's father, the village miller, has died, and he has bequeathed his son nothing more than a pet cat. But clever Puss is in fact a blessing in disguise. Puss wastes no time concocting a scheme in which he will go to the royal palace, befriend the king, and convince the king to transform young Peter into a fine nobleman, fit to marry a princess. But first, Peter must give Puss his very best pair of boots. Thus begins a new, funny, and fast-paced rendition of the classic children's adventure. It's retold in this beautifully illustrated edition by Stella Gurney, with Gerald Kelley's dynamic color illustrations on every page. Better yet, the pictures are enhanced with special features that add to the story's excitement. They include--

A wheel to turn that sets the watermill in action A flap to open for kids to discover the contents of Puss's sack Another wheel to turn that makes rabbits appear in their holes A flap to open that shows the interior of the royal carriage A miniature booklet recounting the legend of the shape-shifting ogre A tab that opens a flap showing Puss catching the mouse Another tab that unwraps the fine gifts for the king A final pop-up illustration that shows the glorious wedding celebration

Small tear on spine of book as pictured. 

Puss in Boots - Pop up Interactive Book (Hardback)

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