From the treacherous mountain trails of the Pony Express, to the vast prairies of America where pioneers first settled...The "Saddle the Wind" series will sweep readers back through history on an unforgettable journey. They will meet very special heroines from different times and cultures, with two things in common: a great love of horses, and a unique brand of courage. Fourteen-year-old Jacquetta May lives on a cotton plantation in Mississippi in 1863. Her father is a breeder of Morgan horses who, like most landowners in the southern states, uses black slaves. When Union soldiers attack her family's home and take it over as a temporary hospital, Jacquetta's family flees further south. But Jacquetta sneaks back to the farm to rescue her favourite horse, a beautiful bay called Chance. In the barn, Jacquetta is discovered by Peace, a young slave who loves horses almost as much as she does, and the two girls become friends. To save the Morgans from a life of battle, they decide to secretly move them into Louisiana, where Jacquetta's family is waiting. Their journey is full of peril, as vicious battles between North and South rage along the way. "Chance of a Lifetime" is a thrilling ride, set in one of the most dramatic points of American history. Pony-mad readers will identify with the special bond between brave Jacquetta and her beloved Chance.

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Saddle the Wind Chance of a Lifetime

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