A comprehensive reference work packed with up-to-date information The Dorling Kindersley Science Encyclopedia explains the principles of science in a lively and exciting way. The scope of subjects covered is immense - from atoms to lasers from acids to speedometers from marsupials to magnets. More than 280 major entries cover key subjects such as evolution and energy polymers and pollution while a further 1 900 sub-entries include biographies of great scientists and inventors timecharts detailing landmarks in science and factboxes on subjects of general scientific interest. Organised for ease of use The Dorling Kindersley Science Encyclopedia has been designed to make science accessible. Clearly organised into 12 thematic sections the book reflects the integration of science and technology into our everyday lives and forges links between different areas of science that rely on common principles. So for example entries on reflection refraction and electromagnetic spectrum are found together in the section on Sound and Light while photosynthesis genetics and digestion are located in How Living Things Work. Richly illustrated and easy to read Over 2 500 full-colour photographs detailed artworks and informative maps and charts make The Dorling Kindersley Science Encyclopedia an enticing reference book. Many of the photographs have been specially commissioned to demonstrate scientific processes or experiments while the cutaway artworks explain the inner workings of a host of objects from human cells to catalytic converters and from air conditioners to paper mills. These spectacular illustrations are brought to life by a lively and informative text compiled by an impressive team of authors editors and specialist consultants from a wide range of scientific disciplines.

The Dorling Kindersley Science Encyclopedia

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