Ever turn to your horoscope for help in a difficult time? Well, Zodiac Girls have something even better—when their stars are in lucky alignment, they get a cool cell phone and personal guidance from the planets themselves! 
But it's not as easy as it sounds—it's up to each girl to make the most of her 
month as a Zodiac Girl! 

Tori is an artistic girl with expensive taste but no money. Like most
Tauruses, she likes the finer things in life, so coming from a poor family
is hard, and sometimes she tells little white lies to keep up with her
more well-to-do friends. When Tori finds out that she is a Zodiac Girl,
she thinks that her days of wearing secondhand clothes are over. But her
planetary guardians aim to teach her the value of something much more
important—her own self-worth.

Zodiac Girls Discount Diva

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