Treehouse Story Baskets

Treehouse Story Baskets are an excellent way to create and sustain an interest in books. Children enjoy fun and interactive activities, and this is a perfect way to allow children to be more hands on during story time, stimulating their minds and imagination by bringing stories to life. It creates another dimension to the book and really allows children to make sense of what is going on in the story. Not only does a Treehouse Story Basket encourage children to play and explore, it allows them to think creatively and provides them with opportunities to create and think critically. 

Treehouse Story Baskets are a great opportunity for children to consider the characters and locations of the story. Taking the lead of a main character in a story and expressing themselves as the character throughout the story, helps them to develop and improve their social, communication and language skills. Children are able to express different emotions and think about how the characters in the story feel, helping to develop their understanding of emotions and how to express their own emotions. Alongside this, Treehouse Story Baskets encourage children to listen to stories together in a group and promote turn taking and sharing. 

Our Story Baskets are not only a great resource to have at home, but for the school and nursery settings too. If you are a School, Nursery or a childcare setting, please get in touch by email to discuss our 'Partnership with Schools' initiative.